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Let us look at some fish facts, shall we? Have you ever seen the movie Jaws? It was about a man-eating great white shark; all terrifying and dangerous, but this was certainly not a true reflection of these majestic sea hunters.

Not all sharks embody this image of the great white shark. Many beautiful and harmless species occupy our waters and that is why we bring you Fish Facts with Aaron – The Pyjama Shark that is scientifically known as Poroderma Africanum and more informally as the striped catshark. They are super cute and completely harmless to people as you can see in this video by Sharkbuff

This species is mainly found in rocky reefs and kelp forests because they feed on the sea life that is found in these areas. They are nocturnal and rather slow swimming. Due to this, they will spend most of the day resting in caves or crevices. Their population is classified as near threatened due to getting caught in fishing nets and it is therefore vital that we conduct further studies to help with their conservation.

If you have a passion for sharks and oceans then we encourage you to get involved in an environmental internship, student or volunteer program. This way you can learn a whole lot while getting the inside scoop on what a career in this field is like.

Take a look at Aaron’s informative species profile vlog to bring you more information on the beautiful pyjama shark.