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What is this video blog about?

The shark life cycle is very different to those who live above the waves. Reproduction in land mammals is something that usually follows the same process of mating, pregnancy and then giving live birth. We have a vast amount of knowledge on land mammal reproduction. This is primarily due to the fact that human beings follow this same process to bring our young into the world.

While human births are not exactly painted in the prettiest pictures, sharks on the other hand are much more fascinating because they have 3 reproductive strategies. Rose, Amanda and Tesh will discuss these in this informative video blog. You will learn the difference between male and female sharks and the strange names given to their reproductive organs. There is no need to blush when we discuss these shark parts.

Here at the Shark Lab, we get to experience some of this reproductive process first-hand with the shark eggs that we house in our nursery and sometimes assist in hatching. Rose, Amanda and Tesh will show you this process in motion with the birth of a dark shy shark. To be a part of shark conservation and get involved in the shark life cycle is very important to our team.

Who are we?

The Shark Academy environmental internship and volunteer programs are a hands-on educational marine science experience. We have a fantastic team who have a passion for sharks and our oceans. These programs are for anyone with an interest in marine biology and science. While we work hard at what we do, we also have a lot of fun doing it and make some great new friends along the way.

Do you love sharks? Are you passionate about our oceans? Would you like to learn more about careers in these fields? If your answer is yes, we certainly recommend getting involved in an internship or volunteer program like ours.