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SASC has some fantastic ways for you to get involved with shark conservation by sponsoring either a shark or equipment. Our shark sponsor options have tailored benefits for both you and these “puppy dogs” of the ocean. Take a look at what you can choose from below, fill in our sponsor form and stay tuned to see the fantastic work your contributions have helped us achieve.

All proceeds fund our conservation program to protect the sharks of South Africa. All certificates and information about the sharks named or sponsored by you will be sent to you by email.

Fund an Acoustic Telemetry Tag

Acoustic telemetry tags allow researchers to identify the location of sharks by detecting low frequency sounds emitted by the tag which are picked up by underwater receivers. They are an important tool for assessing shark movement ecology to better protect them.

You will receive a personalized certificate with the species tagged along with other information on your tagged shark such as pictures and measurements. We will send you updates on your shark’s movements and you will be able to name it.

ZAR 6000 OR USD 400

Fund a Day of Research

Help us go out in the field to conduct shark research. By funding a day of research, you enable us to charter a boat for a day with tagging and releasing sharks, longlining or deploying Baited Remote Underwater Video systems. Going out to sea is an essential part of our work as it enables us to catch bigger shark species.

ZAR 3500 OR USD 250

Sponsor a Baby Shark

Make sure a baby shark can grow strong and healthy in our safe lab environment. Babies are born in the lab from eggs laid in our tanks and kept until they are big enough to be tagged and released.

Your funding will help feed the baby and cover the cost of our open water system that keeps their tank in an environment close to the wild. With your funding you will receive a personalized certificate with all the details of your shark and a biweekly picture/video of your baby shark for 3 months.

ZAR 1000 OR USD 70

Fund Spaghetti Tags
50 Pieces

What Are Spaghetti Tags? “Conventional” Spaghetti Tags are a piece of tough plastic that you attach to the shark. They have an ID code on them which you register online along with measurements after you release the shark. Once someone else catches it, they can report the tag and we can find out where the shark ended up and how big it grew.

ZAR 750 OR USD 50

Name a Shark

Have you ever wanted to name a shark? This is your chance to name one of our tagged sharks! Available species are dark shyshark, puffadder shyshark, leopard catshark and pyjama catshark. With your named shark, you will receive a personalized certificate with all the details of the shark you funded as well as a picture/video of your shark when it is released back into the ocean. You will get updates on your shark if it gets recaptured in the future.

ZAR 350 OR USD 25

Feed a Shark for a Month

To feed one shark in our lab for one month requires approximately 1.5 kg of fish and squid. With your funding, you can make a significant contribution to our research work.

ZAR 350 OR USD 25

Shark Sponsor

Fund shark research by sponsoring a shark or equipment.

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