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About South African Shark Conservancy and Shark Academy

South African Shark Conservancy: Protecting Sharks, Preserving Oceans
Dive into Shark Science with the Shark Academy

South African Shark Conservancy

This is all about SASC. The South African Shark Conservancy is a not-for-profit organization dedicated to protecting sharks. We conduct research on shark biology, behavior, and ecology to better understand their role in the marine ecosystem. Our lab is located in Hermanus with the sharkiest waters on the coast.

Our work also includes collaboration with government agencies and other non-profits to develop effective conservation policies. We believe in educating the public about the importance of sharks and their conservation.

Through our outreach programs, including talks and events, we aim to raise awareness about shark conservation. The Shark Academy is our academic field school that offers courses and internships for marine conservation research.

If you’re interested in studying marine biology or shark research, our Shark Academy is the perfect opportunity. Our hands-on training programs provide practical experience for those passionate about marine conservation.

We’re proud of the work we do to protect sharks in South Africa and beyond. Our efforts are making a difference in the conservation of these vital and misunderstood ocean animals. Join us in our mission to preserve and protect sharks for future generations.

Shark Lab From Above
The Shark Lab

Shark Academy

The Shark Academy offers hands-on training in marine biology and shark research. Our courses cover shark biology, behavior, and ecology, providing valuable experience for those interested in marine biology and conservation.

Through fieldwork and data analysis, students gain practical knowledge and skills. The program also includes outreach events, where participants can share their knowledge with the public.

Our internships and volunteer programs are a great opportunity to make a positive impact in marine biology. They provide valuable experience in the field of marine conservation, while also supporting the protection of these important ocean animals.

A Shark Academy Internship or Volunteer package includes accommodation, return transport from Cape Town Airport, weekly accommodation cleaning, and wifi at both the accommodation and Shark Lab. Participants also receive a Shark Academy welcome pack and orientation and training.

Additionally, interns are provided with daily breakfasts and weekly transport to the shops. We offer assistance with arranging your own tours and mentorship for academic skill development. Work-related activities and research travel are also included.

Finally, we offer a fun and educational excursion as part of the Shark Academy Internship or Volunteer package. We’re committed to providing our interns with a comprehensive experience that includes both practical and academic skills development, as well as personal growth opportunities.

If you’re passionate about marine biology and want to contribute to the conservation of sharks, join our Shark Academy today. We’re excited to work with you to protect and preserve these fascinating creatures for generations to come.

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