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Film and Media

Are you interested in filming sharks in South Africa? We provide documentary filmmakers with an unparalleled media opportunity to feature real science and real conservation in wild and untouched places. Interview our team of experts, speak about conservation issues and get hands-on with sharks. Fill in a contact form if you would like to have a filming opportunity.

International Media

Our work has been featured in numerous international and national media.

Shoals of Agulhas

The Great Shark Chase, Discovery Channel

Catching Giants

River Monsters, Animal Planet

African Water Warriors Film and Media

Out of The Blue - Africa's Water Warriors

Forbes Women Africa highlights the South African entrepreneurs who have made the sea their business, their life. The stories of grit are many. At the forefront, or should we say foreshore, of these is a young vibrant generation of women, who are already getting their feet wet, from the chilly depths of False Bay in South Africa’s Western Cape where sharks lurk, to the abalone farms of Gansbaai.

Protector Of The Deep
Meaghen McCord