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Rockpooling Adventures at SASC

A quote that stands out when one goes rockpooling is: “As anyone who takes notice of the natural world knows, nothing stays the same.  – Anon

We visited the Old Harbour rockpools just in front of the lab during low tide. At the beginning of our adventure, we found quite a few beautiful brightly-colored sea anemones and sea urchins.

Slowly but surely, spotting became easier and we found all sorts of cool things. We saw baby mullets, a crowned nudibranch, rustanga, chitons and much more. It’s quite a thrilling feeling to stumble upon these beautiful pools filled with so much diversity.

When we go rockpooling, I always feel like a little kid finding treasure. Even if we find things I’ve seen a million times before, it never gets old.

– Nadia – Shark Academy Volunteer

Nadia Rockpooling Blog