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A Birthday Lab Tour

We heard a growing buzz of squeals and chatter at 10 am outside the SASC Shark Lab until there was a knock at the door. It is time for a special lab tour – a birthday celebration for a young future marine biologist. 

Janneke, an intern at the shark academy, settled the 13 kids and a few parents into seats, ready to start with a welcome presentation. They already knew all about the Great White Shark as well as the fastest shark – the Mako. Everyone was bursting with questions about the decor in the lab – from egg cases to shark jaws and teeth. 

“Time to see some sharks,” Janneke declared, and everyone moved to our wet lab where we have a touch tank as well as two larger tanks – one for adult sharks and one for smaller ones. We showed the crowd Leopard, Dark and Puffadder shysharks, allowing everyone to gently touch the sharks’ dermal denticles which cover its skin, making it rough. Lastly, we lifted the beautiful 1-metre long Pyjama Shark to the surface of the water who had just given birth to two eggs a few days prior. 

More questions rushed in, and the birthday girl started handing out tasty treats to all of us – gorgeous stingray and shark cookies! Everyone slowly left the lab and enjoyed a picnic at the Old Harbour in front of the waves. 


A Birthday Lab TourA Birthday Lab TourA Birthday Lab Tour