Do you have a passion for sharks? Are you looking to build your shark research skills? Have you always wanted to study sharks in South Africa? Now is your chance!

Shark Research Program: Volunteer Positions & Internships

Join the SASC Shark Research Program today and gain unparalleled hands-on experience working with sharks in the field.

Looking for the opportunity to work with sharks in South Africa? SASC offers two unique experiences for Volunteers and Interns. Volunteers provide us with essential field support while Interns become an integral part of daily research operations. Work with our team as we conduct groundbreaking and exciting research on sharks and ocean ecosystems in the Cape Whale Coast Hope Spot.

As a small team, we work to ensure you get the most out of your experience on the Shark Research Program. You will spend days at sea, assist with shark tagging, deploy baited remote underwater video (BRUV) systems, help with ecological surveys, run focal surveys on Great White Sharks, conduct cetacean behavioral monitoring, contribute to database management and data analysis, and so much more.

No matter which experience you choose, when you join the SASC Shark Research Program we guarantee you will walk away with a life-changing, tailored and intimate shark science experience.

Volunteer vs Intern?

What is the difference between a Volunteer and an Intern with our Shark Research Program?


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The Shark Research Program experience

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