About the Shark Lab

The SASC Shark Lab is situated in the Old Harbour of the Old Harbour Museum in Hermanus, Western Cape, South Africa. The Shark Lab is situated just meters from the sea, enabling us to have a fully functional flow-through saltwater system for educational and experimental purposes. In addition to the lab itself, the Shark Lab is comprised of an education center - which is used for special educational tours and serves as a work space for our volunteers - and our scientific office.

Shark Lab Equipment

The Shark Lab is a wet lab fitted with two large saltwater tanks (1500L & 2500L) and a 500L touch tank that acts as a shark 'nursery' for our baby sharks and developing egg cases. The large tanks are interchangeably used as a public display aquarium and experimental systems, depending on student project requirements. The Shark Lab is equipped with some scientific equipment for experimental research.

Inside the Shark Lab