The Overstrand Region covers a 200km stretch of coastline from Rooi Els to Quoin Point.  Within this region, permits for approximately 290 commercial fishers and 550 small-scale fishers have been issued by the Department of Fisheries (DAFF).  However, due to a long history of mismanagement and overfishing, many of the fish populations targeted by these fishers are now threatened.  Largely as a result of historical and current fisheries uncertainty, poaching has become rife in the region, and many fishers – and their families – face an equally uncertain future.

The OCEAN YOUTH PROJECT is an experiential education program aimed at the children of commercial and small-scale fishers in the 200km stretch of coastline contained in the Overstrand region.  These youth have been largely overlooked by marine-based environmental education programmes, particularly those with a focus on skill development and training.

SASC - together with our partners - aims to engage with these youth to provide them with insight into alternative marine-based livelihoods.

Aims and Objectives of the Ocean Youth Project


  1. To provide an outstanding marine-based experiential education experience for youth from small-scale and commercial fishing communities throughout the Overstrand region.
  2. To build life skills through experiential learning.
  3. To provide youth with insight into alternative and sustainable marine-based livelihoods through a week-long experiential education/skills building experience.
  4. To encourage a sense of stewardship for the oceans through experiential learning.
  5. To have fun.